As the threat of terrorism has grown and changed, we have continued to enhance coverage with the introduction of additional niche products. Markel provides protection against physical damage, threat of terrorism, business interruption and contingency losses directly caused by terrorism and violent acts.

Crossing people - traffic at rush hour in Toronto, Canada.



Capacity: $60M

Traditional coverage, protecting against losses sustained in the
aftermath of an act of terrorism or sabotage. Coverage includes:

  • First party property damage and resultant business interruption (including as a result of cyber terrorist attack)
  • Third party liability coverage should the insured be found negligent in preventing a terrorist attack
  • Event cancellation (including as a result of a terrorism threat)

Active assailant

Capacity: $35M 1st Party/$12M 3rd Party

Coverage for an attack carried out by an individual using a vehicle, explosive device or handheld weapon, including hostage events.

Coverage includes:

  • Medical expenses, funeral costs and counselling costs for victims
  • Employee retaining and/or recruitment costs
  • Crisis management service
  • Property damage to insured location and liability coverage if bodily injury occurs at an insured location or within 650 feet of insured location


Capacity: $60M

Protection for business interruption losses caused by threat of terrorism at insured location or nearby third party location. No property damage required to trigger policy.

Loss of attraction

Capacity: $12M

Business Interruption coverage suffered in the aftermath of a terrorist or active assailant incident at an insured location or a third-party location.

Coverage includes:

  • No requirement for first party property damage
  • Response to the aftermath of a terrorist or active assailant incident within one kilometre of an insured location

Scope of cover

Target classes

  • Hotels and motels
  • Restaurants
  • Theme parks
  • Stadia, sporting events and concerts
  • Fine art and exhibitions
  • Retail assets
  • Nightclubs
  • Banks Airports and transportation hubs
  • Ports and terminals


No appetite for government property including:

  • Parliament
  • Tax offices
  • Embassies
  • Police/military property