Markel Care

Markel Care is aimed at organizations that operate on a for-profit or non-profit basis providing services, care, education and support to people in society that have an additional needs, vulnerabilities, or requirement.

Nurse working in care center

We have taken time to fully understand the demands that providers face on a daily basis to deliver services to vulnerable and at risk people in society. Our deep understanding of the sector has enabled us to provide an insurance and non-insurance offering that addresses the needs of the sector.

Markel Care consists of two parts:

1. A comprehensive policy with modular coverage available: (Casualty, Abuse, Professional liability, Property, and Crime)

2. Value-added services (no additional fee):
• 8 hours of risk management services targeting the organization’s policies, procedures and practices
• Legal Helpline for support with difficult complaints and allegations
• Premise Inspection Service to assess site risks
• Flexible payment options (ie: monthly

Target business

Operating on a for profit or not for profit basis:

  • Community centres (e.g. YMCA)
  • Child day care
  • Shelters and rehabilitation facilities
  • Community charitable organizations
  • Mental health organizations
  • Homecare and elderly disability centres

Scope of cover


  • General liability
  • Abuse (claims-made and occurrence)
  • Employer liability
  • Professional liability
  • Directors & officers
  • Cyber
  • Property and business interruption 
  • Terrorism
  • Crime (social engineering)
  • Legal Expense

Ineligible classes

  • Private schools
  • Long term care facilities/Senior care homes
  • Places of worship/Religious institutions

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