Markel Play (Sport, fitness and recreation)

Markel is Canada’s leading insurance market for sport, recreation and fitness organizations. Recognizing the special requirements of athletes, we offer unique insurance programs for sport associations. For Recreation, family and community celebrations, we offer exclusive coverage for user groups of municipal, school and other publicly owned premises and special events cover. In addition, Markel also provides package cover for Fitness Club premises and member-owned facilities. Markel is powered by sport underwriting expertise comprising of reliability, originality and consistency which are the promises of our brand.

Man doing battle rope exercise in gym



Scope of cover

Coverage features

  • $10M capacity
  • Access to our umbrella for higher limits
  • Directors and officers included as insureds
  • Elected officers, referees, coaches and other volunteers can also be insured
  • Includes competitions / other club events
  • Occurrence form available for most risks
  • Participant and spectator injury cover
  • Policy territory includes incidental US exposures
  • Standard CGL features apply

Target classes

  • Health & Exercise clubs
  • Amateur Sports teams & leagues
  • Athletic clubs & associations
  • Sport Camps
  • Tennis, badminton, Racquet & Squash Clubs
  • Curling Clubs
  • Archery Clubs
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Sports & Athletic arenas
  • Municipal Halls
  • Ice Skating rinks – indoor and outdoor
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sports & Athletic tournaments

Coverage enhancements

  • Advertising liability cover available
  • Contract or independent instructors and personal trainers also available
  • Cover available for foreign trips, venues and tournaments out-of-country
  • Environmental cover for sudden events on a 120 hour form (IBC2313) available