Property package insurance

At Markel, our Property and Inland Marine underwriters have the experience and knowledge to provide coverage for your standard risks. In addition to the standard Property and Inland Marine cover, we offer Boiler, Crime and Liability.

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Through our Markel US offices, Markel Canada offers US admitted insurance solutions to Canadian companies with US risk exposure/operation.

We also offer a unique extra expense cover for a business that is closed by public officials due to an outbreak of disease, mould, vermin or violence (avian flu or other similiar contagion is included). This Outbreak Extra Expense cover is available to a wide variety of industry groups, for a maximum of 30 days per location and the claim payment is used entirely at the discretion of the Insured once triggered.

Scope of cover

Coverage features

  • $20M capacity with access to markets for larger limits
  • All-Risks, fire & EC policy forms
  • Boiler, crime and liability covers  
  • Outbreak cover up to $50,000 per day

Target classes

  • Low hazard manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution
  • Sports, leisure and recreation
  • Contractors
  • Care, Non profits, education (excluding nursing homes)
  • Life sciences
  • Security industry
  • Technology and communications
  • Offices packages

Coverage enhancements

  • Various extensions, in addition to the limit, available