Insurance brokers

Professionals are held to higher standard than non-professionals. When a question of liability arises, any claim or allegation leading to a claim with respect to their business, may result in a damaged reputation and financial destruction. Markel is a trusted name in Professional Liability covers and can assist in selecting the best possible cover for your clients. 

The national Insurance Brokers program at Markel is designed to provide broad cover for Canadian licensed general insurance brokers. The policy is intended to protect them and if applicable, pay for claims arising out of their errors, omissions or negligent acts. Our underwriters are highly qualified professionals with the expertise, creativity and flexibility to provide insurance solutions to your client at competitive pricing.

Scope of cover

Coverage features

  • $10M capacity
  • Claims made wording
  • Broad definition of Insured 
  • Meets or exceeds provincial regulatory requirements  

Target classes

  • Canadian general insurance brokers holding a valid license

Coverage enhancements

  • Worldwide coverage territory
  • Triple annual aggregate deductible available
  • Extended reporting period available at a pre-determined premium (non-cancelable)