Premises pollution liability

Our EIL program covers third party exposures for the manufacturing or servicing industries as well as other several important areas for owned, leased and rented locations.

  • It provides gradual and sudden & accidental pollution for events such as fire, explosion or sudden spill, as well as seepage over time.
  • It covers third party clean-up expenses, bodily injury and property damage arising from a pollution event
  • It covers first party clean-up expenses.
  • It covers pollution from waste materials.

Scope of cover

Coverage features

  • Claims made form
  • Gradual and sudden & accidental pollution coverage
  • Third party liability – (off-site clean-up, BI, PD)
  • Up to $25M
  • Government-ordered clean-up expenses
  • Automatic extended reporting period of 30 days (option for up to 60 months)

Target classes

  • Manufacturers
  • Golf courses
  • Municipalities
  • Universities
  • Waste management risks
  • Gas stations/service stations
  • Argichemical storage wavehouses

Coverage enhancements

  • Non-owned disposal sites
  • Underground and aboveground tanks
  • Difference in conditions (DIC) automobile
  • Fines and penalties
  • Midnight dumping (240 Hour time element at scheduled location)
  • Products and completed operations coverage
  • On-site and off-site clean-up options
  • Gradual pre-existing conditions or new conditions
  • Sudden and accidental
  • Up to $25M capacity