Contractor’s pollution liability

Markel’s contractor’s pollution liability policy (CPL) has redefined how contractors protect their assets from environmental risks. The CPL product is designed to protect contractors from third party claims alleging exposure to various environmental hazards as a result of contracting operations.

The CPL product can also be integrated with Markel’s other suite of environmental products to create a customized, unique insurance solution meeting the needs of any industry segment. It is also available either occurrence or claims-made.

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We have a digital solution for quoting, binding and issuing CPL policies online

CPL portal  (not available in QC and NB)


Scope of cover

Coverage structure

  • Annual practice programs
  • Contractor controlled insurance programs (CCIP)
  • Owner controlled insurance programs (OCIP)
  • Project specific products

Target classes

  • Carpentry/Framing
  • Construction Management/General Contractor
  • Demolition
  • Electrical
  • Excavation or Grading
  • Building/Developers
  • HVAC/Mechanical
  • Masonry/Concrete
  • Plumbing
  • Street & Road

Coverage highlights

  • Bodily injury, property damage and cleanup costs
  • Transportation pollution liability
  • Non-owned disposal site liability
  • Crisis management costs
  • Emergency response costs
  • Sudden and accidental and gradual pollution conditions
  • Up to 7 year project terms with completed operations
  • Defence expenses aggregate outside the limits
  • Civil fines, penalties and assessments
  • Natural resource damage
  • Mould and legionella
  • Responsible insured
  • Restoration costs
  • 90 day automatic extended reporting period
  • Available capacity: $25M
  • Minimum premium: $1,000.00