Contractors pollution liability

This coverage may be written to include all the contractor’s activities on a blanket basis or coverage may be written on a project specific basis, for owner’s interest, contractor’s interest or full wrap-up form. The standard CGL policy provides reduced cover for work on or around sites, therefore a specialty policy may be necessary to cover off such work.

Markel has been meeting the Environmental needs of contractors for over 30 years.

Scope of cover

Coverage features

  • Claims made form
  • Gradual and sudden & accidental pollution coverage
  • Third party liability – (off-site clean-up, BI, PD)
  • Up to $25M capacity
  • Products and completed operations (retro date)
  • Difference in conditions (DIC) automobile liability – including loading and unloading
  • Government-ordered clean-up expenses

Target classes

  • General contractors
  • Restoration and remediation contractors
  • Tank maintenance and installation
  • Fuel and waste haulers/waste management

Coverage enhancements

  • Waste materials
  • Civil fines and penalties
  • Non-owned disposal sites
  • Up to a 72 month policy term (including completed operations extensions) for project specific policies